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Whitmer and Associates Inc.

Mission and Vision Statement

Our mission is three-fold!

  1. Our services must be professional to customers and patients alike.
  2. Our services need to meet professional forensic and legal system standards to the extent that they help solve problems clearly and concisely.
  3. Our methods must be impeccable and verifiable to the extent that they are defensible in a court of law at the local, state, and federal level.

Professional Attitude

We strive to provide professional, accurate, and affordable services to all customers and patients. To achieve this quality, we never forget that evaluation/assessment is about people’s lives. We keep in mind that our customers and patient's lives may change profoundly well after we are no longer providing psychotherapy, assessment, or forensic services to individuals who have moved forward.

Meets Forensic and Legal Standards

The work accomplished in each case must be defensible in a court of law. Psychological assessment and forensic vocational evaluation relies on qualitative and quantitative methods to ensure reliability and validity of methodology, outcomes, and opinions, as well as street credibility.

Evaluation methods must meet professional standards and legal standards to be defensible in any court of law. To this end, our methods have been scrutinized hundreds of times in various courts and have always withstood the federal rules of evidence that governs allowable forensic evidence.

Your Guide to Better Mental Health, Vocation, and Legal Career

Please call 509-307-3473 for a free phone consultation for psychotherapy, assessment, or counseling services today!

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